About Our Company

Established in 1979, Nexus Properties Inc. is a family owned and operated real estate development and property management company. We have financed, developed, built, leased and managed a wide variety of properties throughout New Jersey, including high-rise and low-rise office buildings and office campuses, medical offices and healthcare facilities, warehouse and mixed-use properties, parking facilities, shopping centers, and Public Private Partnership projects (PPPs).

Because we develop, build, lease and manage properties, Nexus has a unique perspective on commercial real estate. We understand that everything must come together in order to... More »

Public Private Partnerships


Over the past decade, Nexus Properties has expanded the scope of our development work to include Public Private Partnerships (3P or PPP). PPPs connect cash-strapped public entities with well-funded investors who can assume the majority of the financial, development and operational responsibilities, as well as the risks for projects designed to benefit public entities such as universities, hospitals and... More »