Renewable Energy

Nexus Energy Solutions

Nexus Energy Solutions has helped both commercial and municipal clients realize substantial cost-savings with advanced solar technologies.  We have extensive experience in solar installations and other sustainable energy projects for businesses and commercial real estate owners in the region.


Nexus Energy Solutions offers a menu of services from which to choose. Our advisory services include building energy audits and guidance on sustainable building practices and procedures. We handle all aspects of sustainable energy capital projects, from replacement of capital equipment and lighting systems with more efficient technologies and implementation of “smart grid” technologies, to installation of solar energy systems, which can make users independent of utilities. Nexus has partnered with dozens of companies including Sharp, SolarWorld, and Kyocera for a multitude of projects such as project development, installation, and operation.

Nexus can help you energize your business with cost-saving, green solutions, including:

  • On-site building energy audits.
  • Energy-saving capital equipment replacements.
  • Retro-fitting lighting technologies to new, more efficient systems.
  • Smart grid technology implementation.
  • Solar energy installations.

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